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Have you yet decided on which moving company in South Whittier will you trust your belongings with? Among all South Whittier local and long distance moving companies Apartment Movers has the best moving service and the lowest moving quotes. Our company is on top of the moving game in the state of California and the entire United States of America. We know that with a help of some moving tips you are probably capable of doing the move by yourself, but if you want to save a lot of time and leave the professionals do the work, we strongly suggest that you contact Apartment Movers and let us make sure that everything goes according to our moving plan. Our experienced and well trained workers will have no problem relocating your personal property and they will do it on time.

We want to put a special emphasis on how low our prices are. Unlike other South Whittier local and long distance moving companies we do not want to deceive our clients and make our moving quotes just appear low. Our moving quotes are actually low and we do not have any hidden or additional expenses. Many people do not believe their eyes when they see our moving quotes because they had a bad previous moving experience with any other moving company. You do not have to worry about being a target of a fraud with us because our moving quotes are genuine and will remain the same until the end of our cooperation.

We want our clients to receive the best possible treatment which is why we have provided several perks for them. Some of the perks are there in case of an accident or emergency and others are just our way of thanking our clients for choosing us. If you decide to become our client, you will be glad to know that we have a free moving insurance policy that is, quite frankly, rarely used. This moving insurance will cover you from top to bottom in case an accident happens during the transport of your personal belongings, so you do not have to worry about losing funds. In the past, we have had clients whose new apartments have not been finished yet do to some delay and we had already loaded their personal possessions into our moving trucks. In such situations, we would offer our temporary storage facility to our customers for free. Most of them said yes and we afterwards delivered their things to their new home free of charge. When it comes to moving boxes and packing supplies, you do not have to buy any, because we will bring them to you on the day of your move or even before. Last but not least, on our website, you can find a moving calculator that will generate your moving quote for free. All of these perks are available to you because we want to treat you better than other South Whittier local and long distance moving companies.

We have to thank our outstanding workers for providing an excellent moving service to our clients. Our employees use their expertise to help our customers on daily bases. If you opt for our company, you will find out that we employ only the most experienced, skillful and polite people to do the job. Our customer support service is full of communicative employees ready to share any advice with you and to answer any questions related to your move. Once you are sure that you want to hire us to help you, one of our operators will get your details and forward them to our team of logistics experts that will create a custom moving plan which will improve efficiency and reduce a chance of mistake. The next thing you will be hearing and seeing is our moving truck on the date of your move. While they are packing and loading your belongings, you may go and have some fun playing golf at Candlewood Country Club or have an adventure at the Whittier Adventure Park, but don’t be gone too long because our guys work quickly. We know that Apartment Movers is the right fit for you and you will realize that too as soon as you contact us.

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