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San Jose, the city that resides in the heart of Silicon Valley and that is known by many, is one of the most famous cities in California, and for a good reason. The city is a perfect mixture of everything needed for a prosperous and fulfilled lifestyle, depending on your needs. San Jose has been experiencing some tremendous economic growth through the years, and there is a lot of employment opportunities for people eager and willing to work hard. To balance it out, San Jose also has an abundance of recreational activities, for everyone. Nature lovers can find themselves enjoying the wilderness of Alum Rock Park, while the more art inspired crowd can enjoy the numerous museums and events in the city. If you are living in San Jose and are looking through the San Jose local and long distance moving companies to help you relocate, look no further than Apartment Movers.

You might find yourself wanting to experience another part of California, another neighborhood in San Jose or maybe even another state, which means you will have to relocate to there and that is where we can assist you. Apartment Movers are a professional moving company that is here to provide you with a great moving experience. We want to make use of the knowledge and expertise we have amassed through the years to help get you to your new home. We are one of the best San Jose local and long distance moving companies around, and we take great pride in the service we provide. We believe that a satisfied customer is a foundation on which a business should be built on and do our best to make each customer happy and satisfied. Our moves are handled by trained and experienced movers, that work hard to provide you with an enjoyable moving experience. We offer a range of services all designed to give you a great San Jose move. Here are some of the services we provide:

Professional Moving services - Apartment Movers

Local and Long Distance relocation

If you need a moving company to handle you San Jose local or long distance relocation, then Apartment Movers are the professional movers you want to hire. We provide both intrastate and interstate moves. If you are planning on relocating within San Jose or long distance to another state, Apartment Movers are here get you to your destination. Wherever you choose to move to, as long as it’s within the US borders, Apartment Movers can get you there. Here are our moving services:

✔ Professional Packing
✔ Moving supplies
✔ Loading and unloading
✔ Transport
✔ Storage

Professional Packing

Apartment Movers have teams of trained professional movers. They work hard to give you an enjoyable and positive move. Starting with the packing process! Packing is one of the more complex parts of a move, and professionals best handle it. Our teams know how to handle, pack and secure different kinds of items, from heavy furniture to fragile glassware. Save yourself the energy, stress, and effort of managing an entire pack on your own. Hire our professional packers and have the job taken care off.

Moving supplies

Apartment Movers also offer moving supplies. If you are struggling to find moving supplies in San Jose, or are unsure what moving supplies you may need to pack your items into, we can handle that for you! We have moving boxes of all sizes, dollies, tape, moving blankets, labels and anything else required to relocate you.


Apartment Movers have excellent storage facilities that are an excellent option for people looking to store their belongings during the relocation. We have spacious and secure storage units where you can keep all the stuff you want during your relocation.

Free moving quote

If you are interested in how much your San Jose local or long distance move can cost you, you can always contact us to find out. Apartment Movers can give you a price estimate if you provide us with the details of your move. Tell us about your relocation by contacting our customer care team or by filling in the quote on the website. Whichever option you choose, you will be given a quote that will help you plan out your move.

Are you ready to start your San Jose move? If so, one of the best San Jose local and long distance moving companies is at your service, so don’t hesitate. Call Apartment Movers to ask about our services or to schedule a moving date.

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