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Apartment Movers

4.9 out of 5 from 85 reviews.

These guys are great! This is the second time I've used them to move. They're fast and careful. They have great customer service and the estimates are right.


South El Monte - Granada Hills
5Apartment Movers

These guys where awesome! I would recommend them highly.


Apartment Movers made my moving experience fun and less stressful. They are very professional and well priced. Lennon and guys were polite, efficient, honest, and very hard-working. Thanks guys! You rock!


Westbrook Village - Raintree
5Apartment Movers

Great to deal with, and the guys who do the moving, are polite, curtious very friendly and work fast in order to try and minimize the cost of the hourly rate.


Encinitas, CA - La Palma, CA
5Apartment Movers

Apartment Movers just finished our move and I can't speak high enough of them. They got the worst of a move to do: lots of old fragile stuff, heavy furniture, a French kitchen, two workshops and a gazillion books and toys. Plus, my two years old boy was eager to have his favorite red car, and bugging everybody about it. They found it and gave him. I was worried out about one piece of furniture I really like and they took care of it gently. Plus, they where fun, and cool. Stellar. Guys, I apologize because it was a difficult job, and I thank you because you did it perfectly!


Oakland - Acton
5Apartment Movers

Great staff in the office, great crew, careful with your stuff, they set me up the day before and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!


Highly recommended Company!


Bostonia - Garden Grove
5Apartment Movers

My husband says they should be called 'Two Skinny Irish Guys With Foul Mouths, Apartment Movers'. We used these guys with a move we made about 8 years ago. It involved going down two flights of stairs & back up two more to get to street level. Then, they had to go up two flights of stairs to our new place!!! My husband ended up helping them quite a bit. When he tipped them at the end of the move they told him that they should give the $$$ back to him for all of his hard work. Still, it was a tough move and they came through like champs!


Sawtelle - Temple City
5Apartment Movers

Still very good! Moving from a 3rd floor apt to a single floor flat was made very pleasant by their service and quality.


The team at apartment movers has moved me five times and they are great in every way. They are organized, on-time, cheerful, honest and hard working. I just wish I moved constantly; I would always go to them.


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