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If you are thinking about leaving Northridge or you are just changing your residency, and you need to transfer your personal property to your new home, Apartment Movers is the right choice. Our company will help you move, and we will not take all of your money in the process. Apartment Movers offers the best quality of moving service among all Northridge local and long distance moving companies. We want to stay on top of the game which is why we never lie to our clients, and we always deliver on our promise. We promise you that we will transfer your belongings without causing them any damage and we will do it on time. We are a professional moving company that employs only the best because we want to give our customers a premium moving experience. Leaving everything to us will give you more time to see new box office hits at the local cinema.

Although our moving quotes would suggest that the quality of our moving service is also low, we want to assure you that it is quite the opposite. We understand that the economy is not like it used to be and that every penny is important, but we still want to give you the best possible moving experience. Because of that, we are glad to say that Apartment Movers does not charge its customers additionally and we will not charge you for something that we have not done. We promise you that your bill will state the same amount after our business is completed.

Over the years, a lot of people have been skeptical about our moving service because of our moving quotes due to bad previous moving experience with other Northridge local and long distance moving companies. Every single one of those people was thrilled with our work, and many have become our clients for life. Like them, you can also enjoy many perks that our company offers to our customers. For instance, if you decide to become our client, you will get basic insurance for free. That means that if something bad happens to your belongings during the transportation, we will fully compensate you.

Another perk that you can enjoy if you sign with us is a temporary storage facility. It has happened in the past that our clients do not have their new home ready for the move in, but they have already put their belongings into our trucks. In those cases, we have used our storage facility as a temporary solution until our clients are set to proceed. We would also like to encourage our potential clients to go to our website and get their moving quotes today for free. All you have to do is type in required details, and our moving calculator will do the rest.

When it comes to the quality of our moving service, we have to thank our workers for being the best in the United States and possibly in the world. We employ people that have experience in this line of work and even after we have determined that they are right for the job, they still have to go through our training program. Apartment Movers has divided its workers into several groups that are all connected and dependant on each other.

If you decide to contact us, one of the representatives from the customer support service will answer the phone and explain everything you want to know. That operator will also write down your details and give you some moving tips. All the data will be forwarded to our logistics experts that will make a custom moving plan just for you. We are doing that because we do not want any surprised while moving you and because it makes the job easier for our on-site workers that will execute that plan. The team that will come to your residence and transfer your personal property to your new home is a group of well-trained and experienced professionals. You do not even have to be around while we are moving you. You could spend that time shopping for your new home at the local mall with your family and friends.

We hope that you will choose us to take care of your move because we know that choosing us is the right choice.

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