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The magnificent city of Houston, or as the locals like to refer to it H-Town, is one of the most moved to cities in the State of Texas. Houston is rapidly growing, from the booming job market to the many millennials that flock to the city in search of a bright and meaningful future, Houston has it all. If you are currently lucky enough to be living in this fantastic city, but are considering moving to another neighborhood or maybe even to another state, then it is best to look for one of the best Houston local and long distance moving companies to assist you. If you are looking for the perfect company to handle your relocation, then Apartment Movers are the company for you. We can handle both local and long distance relocation from the Houston area. Kick back and let the experts handle your move!

We are here to help you reach your chosen destination safely and efficiently. With Apartment Movers helping you relocate, you get to choose from a wide range of professional and reliable moving services that are designed and aimed at providing you a seamless and enjoyable move. All you have to do is consider what your moving needs are and pick which services best suit your needs, but if you’re still not sure how to make the choice, you can always ask us for advice and help. Contact our customer care team, and they will be able to help you. Whatever you need, our crew will be happy to give you a hand. Now, take a look at some of the services we have in our offer:

Professional Moving services - Apartment Movers

Local and Long Distance relocation

If you choose to work with Apartment Movers for your relocation, we would like you to know that our moving services are available for both Houston local relocations and long-distance moves. Which means that we can move you intrastate (within the state of Texas) or long distance (also known as cross country or state to state moves), depending on your moving needs. All you have to do is have a desired destination ready, and our moving professionals will get you there with our services, which include:

✔ Professional Packing ✔ Moving supplies ✔ Loading and unloading ✔ Transport ✔ Storage

Professional Packing

Apartment Movers we have teams of trained professional movers and packers to handle your move. We all know that one of the most challenging parts of the moving process is the actual packing. You can grab all your belongings and quickly throw them into moving boxes, but that can backfire, leaving you with damaged items. To avoid this, you should leave it to the professionals. Our professional movers know how to handle all kinds of property and can carefully pack your items making sure that they do not come to any damages during the move. Save yourself the time, trouble and stress of handling the packing process on your own, hire our professional packers and have the job handled for you.

Moving supplies

Apartment Movers can also provide you with adequate moving supplies. If you are unsure about where to get the right moving supplies or are unsure which, moving supplies are best for your relocation, do not worry! Apartment Movers can take care of that for you by bringing all the right moving supplies to you. We have moving boxes, dollies, tape, moving blankets, labels and anything else needed for a successful move.


Apartment Movers also have storage facilities, which can come in handy if you happen to need some extra space to store any of your belongings at any point during your relocation. We have spacious and secure storage units where you can keep all the stuff you want during the move.

Free moving quote

If you are wondering how much your local or long distance move can cost you, you can always get a free price estimate. You can get a price estimate by contacting our customer care team or by filling in the quote on the website. Whichever option you choose, you will be given a quote that will help you plan out your move.

Are you ready to start your Houston move? If so, one of the best Houston local and long distance moving companies is at your service, so don’t procrastinate and start your move as soon as possible. Call Apartment Movers to ask about our services or to schedule a moving date.

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